Holy Water Track
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Holy Water Track:

While trying to find this track: "Great Ocean Road to Triplet Falls"

I took a right instead of left and found myself going into the unknown, as the track was leading back towards the great ocean rd I figured how hard could it get. - slight mistake -

The track was a bit wet, it rained the night before so there was some decent puddles/muddy holes that I had to stop a check. but made it through fine, with a bit of a dry spell this would be easier.

The road gets quite narrow in parts and there is a few sections where the middle road growth is quite high. there is also a few sections where there are some deep divots and channels that you will have to pick a clever line, add to this a steep incline and some rocky patches. Its a bit hairy for a beginner I must admit.

I ended up at the back of a private plantation but saw no signs to say so, the track leads back down to a gate with only rope tying them together, so I quietly slipped back on to the Great Ocean Rd. Im sure there would be a public exit elsewhere.

have fun! don't underestimate this one, looks like its been unused for some time.

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