Victorian High Country
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This is basically a 5 to 7 day trip across the High Country starting at Suggan Buggan through Dargo & up to Bright/Myrtleford area.
Any of these sections can be done in a day, or do the whole lot over the week.
Last time I did these tracks, they were dry and while very steep, they were passable. With a little rain, that can change very quickly & make the tracks impassable in some sections.

Please note. There is a dead end along the Caledonia track you will see on the track log. As at November 2012, the road was impassable due to a land slide.
There are hundreds of good campsites along this track.

The video link below is from a trip I did in 2005 and shows how slippery it can be....especially without mud tyres....

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