Honeymoon Trk
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Did this track twice and will try it again in the wet but hopefully by then ill have my mudies. due to the low ground clearance on the standard D40 did drag my belly on the washouts that have been freshly cut this year. but wasnt that bad.

Steep inclines are easy in the dry but probly difficault in the wet due to the clay ground.

The track closes in the winter months so the only time to try the wet is after some rain fall.

Awsome quick track and close to town.

After compleating the hill climbs from Jerusalem Creek rd to \"Steep Trk\" a good run would be to follow the \"Steep Trk\" (Name really does mean steep) very steep descends coming from \"Honeymoon Trk\" havn\'t tried it from \"Lavell Trk\" but will try it after winter. Continue along steep trk to lavell trk then onto the tared \"Eildon Jamieson Rd\" \"Frown\" .

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
52660 Great track with some deep washouts, D40 could use lift kit. Tough for std height vehicles. AT tyres and lifted vehicle recommended, however best driven in dry. Good test of vehicles in parts and fun to drive. Nissan Navara Apr 11, 2015
1174 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 11, 2011
18361 Did this track last after Steep Track - it was a nice little track to do Nissan Navara May 17, 2011
11385 Nissan Navara May 15, 2010