One Tree Hill Track
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This track starts off heading West but soon becomes an endless maze of fun sand tracks that seem to never end. Be sure to give yourself a full day as once you enter, its very hard to get out without backtracking, so a GPS is a must. There are plenty of great camping grounds around the start of the track and all along Wimmera River, but be warned, winter time the mercury does drop very low. Although the name suggests, Little desert does get around 300-400mm of rain a year but it just makes the tracks alot more difficult and can easily become a \"Very Difficult\" track. I rated it a \"Moderate\" mainly because of the dry fine sand and All Terrains made this track fairly easy, but with normal road tyres, my mate in the Navara become easily trapped in the fine sandy turns. With that said, bring a friend and a snatch strap to boot. Have fun and please dont hesitate to comment.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
4531 Child's play.. but fun none the less :) Mitsubishi Triton Nov 2, 2010
10976 Lot's of fun in the sand :) Ford Escape May 25, 2010