Hook Point to Eurong via the beach
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Only attempt this drive 2 hours either side of high tide as the beach around Hook Point can be very soft at high tide.When you exit the barge turn right and follow the beach to Eurong. Watch out fror washouts between Dilli village and Eurong as they can be deep, depending on tides. Watch for fishermen on the beach as they may not be able to hear you approaching over the roar of the surf.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 great drive even the misses had ago got all the way to indian head then back to the in land tracks to central station and the lake. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 24, 2013
11056 Adrenalin rush when the tide is coming in Nissan Patrol Sep 23, 2013
12527 Best driving i have ever done Toyota Hilux Aug 28, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 23, 2010
664 Best way to remove a recovered vehicle. The Barge has drive on drive off facilities making for an easy evacuation from Fraser whilst under toe Nissan Patrol Jul 4, 2009
3046 Was lucky with the tides and did the track both ways. Driving on the Eastern Beach on Fraser is just sensational. 4wd only really necessary getting on and off the barge after that the sand was firm and the weather good. Saw a couple of dingos on the drive to dundabara and a sea eagle. Current conditions on the eastern beach are ok with the exposed rocks being very eay to traverse if a bit bumpy. Nissan Patrol Jun 1, 2009
2783 This was the first time I got my wagon properly off-road. As a beginner, I knew nothing about driving on a beach. Luckily I met a guy when I was buying the permit for the car that gave me a few useful beginner tips. To summaries, he said, "let the Tyres down and floor it, DON'T STOP for anything, FLOOR IT!!!". Luckily when we hit the island it was low tide so we had no problems, very easy driving. On the return journey, we took the inland route, as the tide was rising, again it was an easy drive for a newbie, but take it slow, at one stage the track was so bad I thought the doors were going to fall off the wagon. To summaries, easy drive when the tide is out, but as a newbie, always take the advise of the professionals as I learned the next morning on Rainbow beach when I had re-inflated my Tyres(i.e. I got bogged for a few minutes until I let the air out of my Tyres). Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 30, 2008
925 I did this track backwards, from Eurong to Hook Point however we used the inland road about 6km's south of Dilli Village due to the hieght of the tide. Low tide was at 2.30am and we left Eurong at 5.30am. That meant we hit the beach at 6ish. I think this is about the latest you want to leave this run. It wasn't too high initially but there was a small the night before and some of the waves sets were getting quite high up the beach. There is a washout a few km's before Dilli Village that isn't specified at all on the free Fraser map that is avaialable. It had 2 foot high edges when we got to it and was regularly filling with sea water on the bigger sets. We tried to go around it but found a dead end. Eventually I walked the wash out and decided we would make it and were fine. 2 hours either side of high tide is good advice! Oh, and the inland track that you can take at the end when the tide is too high is terrible! It is corragated more than anything I saw during my NT tour this month. Expect a few bolts to rattle loose! Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Oct 17, 2008
513 Hook Point is open even though a bunch of pain's in the rear end attempted to close it to access. Best time to get through there is 2 hours either side of high tide and take it easy as some 4x4's have rolled in the area. Generally a easy trip closer to low tide Toyota Prado Oct 5, 2008
648 Nissan Patrol Sep 13, 2008
5367 Suzuki Sierra Jan 2, 2007
6015 Nissan Patrol Sep 18, 2005
5796 Toyota Landcruiser Nov 6, 2002
31684 A great track even better when you can share it with close friends . LandRover Rover Jan 1, 1985