Jamieson to Mitchells Track Alternative to School Hill Tk
About the Track
Track Description

This track provides an alternative to reach the top end of the School Hill track and hence Mitchells track directly from Jamieson. It is shown on Rooftop\'s Jamieson-Sheepyard Flat map and based on the Victorian Land Mgmt and Geoscience Aust interactive maps, it is on Public Conservation Land and so not an issue to drive on.

Drive past the School and continue down Laidlaws Road until just before the fork that goes into 2 different private properties. The entrance to the track is somewhat overgrown so not that easy to see, but it opens up afterwards. 
This track is moderate (although clearly if wet it would be a bit more difficult), and terminates at the point on the school hill track / Mitchells track where it briefly splits into 2.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
1430 Did this one again in the dry during the Skipworth Trip. Skipworth via the track and back to Skipworth, 6 vehicles, 40 minutes total. Medium in the dry, still need to pick lines over some of the deeper ruts. One got into trouble and needed winching. Lots of fun in both directions though. Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 22, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Nov 20, 2010
1430 Did this with 5 other vehicles after 14 hours of constant rain. Only 4 of the 6 made it up the second hill. Winch was required on the first hill. One almost roll over, broken brake lines, broken vehicles and other damage. Very difficult in the wet. Do not go alone. Muddies and lift at absolute minimum in the wet. In the dry it would be easy to medium. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 11, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Mar 27, 2010