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This track is closed.

Below is an explanation provided to Four Wheel Drive Victoria.


I have just spoken to David Hurley (local ranger) and there are two parts of the School Hill Track, which are closed.

- From the Jamieson - Mansfield Road, this has been closed as it is on private property and the owner has requested it to be closed off.
- From Laidlaws Road (besides Primary School) in Jamieson, this part of the track has been badly washed out and due to the presence of a Telstra Fibre Optic cable in the middle of the road, it cannot be properly fixed. Telstra has temporarily fixed it, but the problem has not been solved as Telstra has put the responsibility on The Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE). DSE is not allowed to dig within 10 metres of the cable and would risk to pay $10,000 per hour, if they did decide to try and fix it and ended up cutting the cable. This part of the track has, therefore, been closed due to also safety reasons, as this Telstra cable allows communication for the residents in the area, and in an emergency this communication becomes vital.

Kind regards,

Louise Klint (FWDVictoria)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
13488 Mitsubishi Challenger Nov 14, 2011
6015 Nissan Patrol Mar 27, 2010