Jimna State Forest
About the Track
Track Description

Jimna State Forest is a dry weather access only because of the clay base.  The road had received rain 8 hours earlier and one of the 4by\'s met a tree after hitting clay.  The road is easy in the early sections which is in the track attached but where we turned around the track changed to medium to hard.  This may not be an issue in the dry but in wet weather conditions you better expect panel damage.


The track is a good day trip through the forest and will be heading back when dry weather and time allows. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
29309 Completed this track, pretty easy going. Used Dirty Weekends Rev5 guide. Also completed Conondale State Forest, which was a bit interesting after floods. Equipment due in 3rd week of Aug 2012 to repair flood damage. Nissan Terrano Aug 12, 2012
2195 Nissan Patrol Oct 17, 2009
293 Nissan Patrol Jun 15, 2008
19155 During dry weather this is a easy track. Mitsubishi Pajero May 29, 2007