kenilworth k1
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Track Description
an excellent day run with plenty of tracks of this main run
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45403 Nice and dry at the moment! Jeep Wrangler Jan 3, 2014
10717 Lots of fun fun hill climbs, finding anything else to do wasn't easy though. Went out after a fair bit of rain, made it a bit slippery, will be purchasing some better tyres for next time. Few mud holes. So many tracks off the main one. Suzuki Sierra Mar 13, 2010
6866 took a pretty hairy track off of the main track. Had to reverse back up a muddy section because a tree had fallen over the track. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 19, 2009
1115 Easy to medium tracks,few deep mud holes,great spot for a weekend play. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 7, 2008
1778 Nissan Pathfinder Sep 23, 2008
293 Nissan Patrol Jun 15, 2008