Green Rd Springwood
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Greens Rd, Springwood


For those who have recently bought a 4WD or a SUV, this track is adeal for training purposes. Its not a hard or difficult track, but more so for those who want to get to know their vehicle and test themselves and the try different things with their vehicles without being scared or worried about damaging their vehicles.


Happy driving



UPDATE 11th December 2008:

This track is closed and has a large gate closing it off just after the large left hand turn at the botom of the first hill



This track was closed by locked gate when i visited on 28/1/09


Update 20th March 2011 (by 91hilux28D)

Track is opened I have been there a few times in the past week and the gate has never been locked. With the rain recently it has made it a bit kore interesting and if you turn right at the first fork in the road there is some more challenging sections for beginners to get some confidence

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56523 Feel like an moron, but as google maps and my navigation didn't find a Green(s) Rd in Springwood, I went to the Greens Rd in Warrimoo, 5k east. Here, I found 2 big signs warning me to stay off private property, so I turned around... Any thoughts? Is it closed recently, you guys have ignored the signs, or did I go to the wrong road? Toyota RAV4 Apr 5, 2015
48953 Did this track today. Did both the left and right tracks. Left track is easy but right track was quite overgrown and a bit more difficult towards the end. Did them both in a stock touareg and navara with all terrains. Touareg didnt do the rocky bit at the end of the right trail, purely out of confidence as we are both beginners. I reckon it could do it though. Worst part is how overgrown the right trail has got. If you dont want scratches down the side of your 4wd, steer clear. Volkswagon 4wd May 21, 2014
38300 Went down to the track today passed the truck turning bay only to find that the gate was locked. Jeep Wrangler Feb 27, 2013
24158 Tried both left and right forks today, left fork no problems, right fork got to the rock steps and as I was by myself with no recovery gear didn't proceed any further. Quite firm and dry (still small puddles in some ruts though) Stock 1999 NL Pajero, cheapy all terrain tyres Mitsubishi Pajero May 12, 2012
28157 Went down this track the other day, with a stock Surf and 80s Landcruiser. Past the gate took the right hand fork. This heads out to a lookout/small camp area, the final couple of meters are especially difficult, coming to 2 steps down. My Patrol made it down alright, but anything without a lift wont get down and back up them. There is a chicken track to the right, that will require some maneuvering, but given how far it is to the end, it's not worth the effort. Nissan Patrol May 10, 2012
27088 Hyundai Tucson Apr 13, 2012
23865 nice track good for a learner like me Toyota 4Runner Jan 4, 2012
24412 Had a quick drive down when driving past, gate was shut this time but not locked??? Toyota Hilux Dec 29, 2011
24412 Gate was open. Followed my mate driving a Wrangler. First track for me and my Hilux. Good track for a first timer. No problems. Didn't get stuck but needed spotting, getting over one rock. Didn't go down rock steps at end of right fork, will work up to that. Heading back again this weekend. Toyota Hilux Dec 27, 2011
11451 Toyota Hilux Dec 20, 2011
24158 Left fork at National Park Sign, track fairly easy, got mildly stuck from taking a wrong line over a rock, fixed with a flat rock under tyre. Slightly sandy and a few mud puddles to about mid tyre depth, even after all the rain not to slippery, surface felt quite firm. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 17, 2011
22665 Had a bit of rain during the week so the mud holes were fun. Good spot for a couple of hours if you're a single vehicle. Jeep Cherokee Oct 30, 2011
23339 Gate open Suzuki Grand Vitara Oct 23, 2011
22793 Gates open, went for a drive at night as there was nothing on the tele, fairly easy track considering it was wet, found a stray white puppy after the fork to the left if any ones looking :/ Toyota 4Runner Oct 15, 2011
19450 Went out there today. Gate was wide open. Went right at the fork. Got the whole way down but struggled a bit coming back up. Some challenging areas but noticed that people have also been going around the hardest section. Great fun for a newbie especially if not very well equipped for 4x4ing yet Toyota Prado Aug 8, 2011
14350 Lol jks boring Toyota Hilux Jun 4, 2011
18257 Gate was wide open when we got there. Good fun with the first hill climb, a couple of sections that require a bit of thought but mostly easy stuff. Down one trail is a rather tough rocky section that required some track building, didn't lead to anywhere except a stunning view. Good if you have a spare two hours. Ford Ranger Jun 4, 2011
18998 Gate was closed when we got there but wasnt locked :) Suzuki Vitara May 22, 2011
18159 Very easy but fun, kids loved it, gates open. One spot if wet could be a bit slippery but even then no problem. Mitsubishi Pajero May 15, 2011
18159 Very easy but fun, kids loved it, gates open. One spot if wet could be a bit slippery but even then no problem. Mitsubishi Pajero May 15, 2011
11580 Nice easy track. almost got a little unstuck near the end but just let some more air out then got up easy Toyota Hilux Oct 19, 2010
1301 Had an absolute ball with the wife and kids in tow. great for a family outing and good for a first test run of the Prado Toyota Prado Aug 16, 2008
2598 just muckin around clear sunday arvo gettin sideways in the cars Daihatsu Feroza