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Excellent track with breath taking ascents/descents, includes suicide hill!! not for the faint hearted, dif locks desirable but not essential
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38119 some freaking insane hills out this way not for the faint of heart go hard or go home Toyota Hilux Aug 18, 2013
28831 Always good fun. Got about as far as possible without a winch or lockers. Lockers would add a lot more confidence on some of the steep hills. Holden Colorado Jun 16, 2012
28831 Another great day at Kenilworth... Tried some of the steeper ascents / descents this time. Great fun!! It's amazing what a 4wd can do with good tyres, lowered tyre pressures and NO diff locks... awesome fun. Holden Colorado May 27, 2012
28831 Definitely worth doing. Some great fun tracks, with some very steep hills. Definitely a test without diff locks. Holden Colorado Aug 10, 2011
5796 Good weekend out. Lots to do... Nat wouldn't let Paul go up the hill after nearly rolling his car. Toyota Prado Jun 12, 2010
5173 to do Toyota Hilux Surf Jul 3, 2009