Killingworth Loop
About the Track
Track Description

Rough track with deep ruts and washouts,rocky sections and shallow creek crossings after rain.Some deep bog holes.High ground clearance recommended. Some sections VERY slippery to impassable after rain.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17917 Easy in the dry, boggy after rain. A couple good climbs. LandRover Defender Jul 10, 2014
50903 for advanced people only min requirements * 31 inch tyres * recovery gear * atleast 2 other cars + all gear * decent tread a/t tyres will do but mud preferred * reliable vehicle * 1/2 of fuel or 3-4hours of driving time not required but a good idea exhaust needs to be out of the way the ruts are that high i take it on a 2 weekly basis and i bent my exhaust in front of my rear tyre strongly recommend a day trip first a few times then try a night run this place will be very busy from 4pm friday all weekend there are chicken tracks thru some of it but don't count on them as they could be hard still be warned and get a lift to check out the area first Ford Courier Jun 6, 2014
19726 Great track, has chicken tracks around everything and stuff from easy to hard. Suzuki Sierra May 26, 2012
12272 Rough,Rocky,Boggy,Muddy,Slippery,Rutty,Steep Nissan Patrol Oct 16, 2008