Kings Tableland Rd Wentworth Falls
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Kings Tableland Rd, Wentworth Falls.


This track can be accesses off the Great Western Highway into Tablelands Road (between Wentworth Falls and Bulaburra), then into Kings Tablelands Rd.

The road is dirt and suitable for a sedan with good clearance, SUV and 4WD, very easy track. The track leads to a spectacular lookout which over looks the Lake Burragorang (Warragamba Dam).

The lookout has views of the beginning of Lake Burragorang.

Safe driving




Davosadag Update:

Track clear and good quality as of 25/7/09.

There are 2 lookouts at the end. One has a 300 metre walk with more tables for meals. The other is 800 metres from the carpark. Worth the walk! 

Google maps show tracks leading off Kings TableLand Rd that would take you to Warragambe dam closer to the wall, unfortunately they are  waterboard tracks and are locked. They even have signage saying they have surveillance cams on them.


My GPS recognised the lookout as McMahons Lookout. 



Travelled 29SEP09, minor corrugation good for most cars. Few trees over walking track to main lookout. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
17457 Nissan Patrol
47488 ez drive good view from the 800 metre walk Toyota Landcruiser Mar 26, 2015
56819 Did this track and find out it is amazing. Few track next to this but my suggestion no need to try as you will scratch your car. Best of beginner all gravel. End of this track have a look out only if you bother to walk in to bush for 800 metres. Cheers Suzuki Grand Vitara Mar 15, 2015
40449 Very easy track. Good day out but have done better. Subaru Outback Dec 22, 2014
41848 Easy drive but great views at the end. Kids were asking me about the waterfall they could hear at the end. Turned out to be 40kts of howling wind at the lookout! Toyota Landcruiser Jul 27, 2014
46696 Track very easy, towards the end there is a three way intersection and you are meant to go straight.The left road is a very short climb but quite rutted that ends under a high voltage least you need to engage 4WD Jeep Wrangler Mar 22, 2014
38788 Went to this track while raining, still no need to go into 4x4. Track clear and good condition, bit bumpy in places with a few slight inclines and declines, 300m lookout view was a bit overgrown, the rain and mist didn't help the view. Trail was sign posted at intersections. was good to get the jeep dirty :-) Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Feb 5, 2014
39696 Hi I did this track love the view at the end but I wish it was abit hilly Toyota FJ Cruiser Oct 8, 2013
41767 Just a rough corrugated dirt road. Easy track. Beautiful Lookout. Actually saw Diamond Python come out while we were there. No actual BBQ just a fireplace really. Mitsubishi Triton Sep 4, 2013
38113 easy graded dirt roads Subaru Forester Jul 25, 2013
40550 One or two ruts I had to be ginger with for passengers (and suspension, I suspect). Saw one or two residential compounds along the way - would be curious to know what they are, inside National Park lands. Toyota Hilux Jun 1, 2013
41572 Mitsubishi Challenger May 18, 2013
23829 Nice easy drive with the family. McMahons lookout is well worth the walk. Nissan Navara Apr 27, 2013
38954 even it was raining, there wasn't any problem to get the end of road. very easy and nice view. Subaru Outback Apr 16, 2013
18410 Very easy, nice drive through beautiful bushland to an AWESOME view! Got there a little late so I didn't get to check out any side tracks but that just means I have to go visit again. Nissan Patrol Nov 17, 2012
28689 Easy track even for 2wd's. Spectacular views at the end Great Wall x240 Nov 10, 2012
35541 Easy track with no need of 4WD. Generally costs 2 hours to go forth and back. Be careful for a deeper hump at around 15km, might hit chassis for a sedan. Mitsubishi Outlander Nov 4, 2012
17302 Easy high speed dirt roads Toyota Prado Nov 3, 2012
35281 Track was very easy, 20 km each way of dirt road with a few humps and bumps here and there. Definitely nothing extreme. Cool view at the end. Subaru Forester Oct 21, 2012
26036 Great views and alright side tracks nothing difficult Toyota Hilux Apr 24, 2012
22298 Out there today - saw a little pink hatchback driving back..Guess that would make this a super-easy track huh :). Was bumpy as folk have said but the view and the walk to McMahons lookout was spectacular. Mitsubishi Pajero Sep 11, 2011
18474 Nice Drive to the Lookouts. It was a foggy day, we could not see the lake but the views of the valleys covered in clouds/fogs were fantastic. Toyota Kluger May 8, 2011
14540 Good track for ordinary cars & 4WD noobies ... just watch the corrugations on some of the corners :) Spectacular views Nissan Navara Jan 1, 2011
11304 Breath taking views. Easy drive. Too bad the fire trails have locked gates. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 5, 2010
11716 Mitsubishi Delica Jul 4, 2010
13473 easy track with magnificent lookout at end. Aboriginal sites. Toyota Hilux Surf Jun 21, 2010
11428 Easy drive with mum in her new Xtrail, Corrugated and a few pot-holes. Fantastic lookouts Nissan Xtrail Apr 25, 2010
12401 Most side tracks are very scratchy on the paint, some go to small lookouts but are all dead ends, nothing hard here. great scenery. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 12, 2010
11451 Nice scenic drive & views over Lake Burragorang Toyota Hilux Dec 1, 2009
5477 Toyota Prado Aug 31, 2009
5516 Nissan Patrol Aug 31, 2009
4609 Track in good condition. Lots of trees down but NPWS had dragged them off the track & earmarked for cutup & removal. Great view from lookout. BBQ & drop toilet facilities. Toyota Landcruiser May 20, 2009
3845 great easy trip with family. road needs repair ok if you have 4x4 suv or a high standard car Toyota Hilux Mar 28, 2009