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turn left or right at Rasberry Road off Armidale kempsey rd depending which way you come from. you follow Rasberry rd which is a main forest rd and well graded unil you come to Carters rd on the right. Turn right and follow the track. The more difficult section is after the first gate. This is not a track for SUV\'s or Xtrail type vehicles, this is low range all the way.

AT tyres minimum and not recommended for highway tread. definately no camper trailers as you wont get around the switchbacks and will have no way to reverse back up. this track is not for anyone who doesnt like heights. there are no corners to just turn you will need to do 2 or 3 point turns to line up for the next downhill track. once commited there is no real easy way to turn around if you change your mind. continue to the bottom and there are some great beach type spots for camping etc. dont be put off by the description as its a great trip and very scenic. the climb back out is actually easier than the descent.

If it has been raining dont even consider it or if you are down there and it looks like rain get out. the river rises very rapidly so dont camp down on the bank. Hummer size vehicles wont get down the track due to the switchbacks. other than that its a great run and the track has no steps or ruts and any group that goes down there wil feel a real sense of acomplishment after tackling it

Track Logs
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17302 Carters Track is closed. There's one light duty gate on top, which can be opened, but proceed down a couple more hairpins and you'll find a very tough gate blocking the way. It's not possible to bypass this with a 4x4. Unfortunately National Parks won't take care of the track and won't be opening it to the public. Very sad. Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2011