Fords crossing Ractliffe track
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Fords crossing is on Ractliffe track, where it crosses the river it has a steep bank on the north side thats rocky, and the south side is smooth and ramp like..The water was around 2 ft deep when i drove thru it in may 08.This Track is seasonally closed!

Added by Discotwo: I Drove both from North to South and then South to North on 9/11/11. The track was dry and quite manageable for a Newbie like me. The creek was just a trickle. I am looking forward to trying this track out after some heavy rains.No sign of the fallen tree mentioned earlier.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
56485 a little chopped up - no problems in a stock Mu-X 4wd. Isuzu Mu Jun 8, 2015
53777 Easy with low range gears Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Feb 4, 2015
48989 Mitsubishi Pajero May 23, 2014
39531 Nearly bone dry, had to go 'search' for a large puddle on the right on the way up :-) LandRover Range Rover Vogue May 5, 2013
27226 No problem in stock JK. Dry, few rocks here and there. Jeep Wrangler May 4, 2013
33970 did track clockwise. desend into ford creek was ok, but rocky, climb out was very steep, but smooth. 2nd gear on hold. just made it. Subaru Forester Dec 22, 2012
5249 Done 25 /2/2012 easy in the dry might be slippery when wet especially the decent before the ford crossing Isuzu D Max Mar 3, 2012
25943 have done this track a couple of times now has been greated in the last few weeks. but a bit of wash off the rain in the past weeks as well. Nissan Pathfinder Feb 12, 2012
19977 Hyundai Terracan Dec 23, 2011
23765 Tried this track out on 09/11/11. Went North to South and then did South to North. The track was try and quite manageable for a Newbie like me. The river was just a trickle and there was no sign of the fallen tree mentioned by others. Looking forward to trying it out after a bit of rain. LandRover Discovery Nov 9, 2011
3307 Completed in the company of a Triton and Defender from South to North. South entry to the crossing was very muddy, slippery and rutted. The crossing itself was very low (only about 1 foot of water) and the large downed tree is still there, although there is now a quick detour around it. North side is very steep and rocky - the Defender had to be snatched up due to bad tyres. All-in-all well worth a visit. Note that the track is seasonally closed also. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 13, 2011
14393 Cant get through the creek, the floods have brought a tree down across the creek and big rocks everywhere. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 22, 2011
11776 mud Ford Courier Jun 23, 2010
10413 always worth doing both ways Toyota Landcruiser May 2, 2010
4530 Mitsubishi Pajero May 15, 2009
4531 Steep rocky Bank on the north of the "river" crossing, no flowing water. Slippery after rain. Good fun though! Mitsubishi Triton May 15, 2009
2701 Hyundai Terracan Dec 10, 2008
2571 A highlight of the area that is not too difficult Toyota Hilux Jun 10, 2007
2696 done this in my first wrangler. quiet easy when i did it. the crossing was a trickle when i went through it. Jeep Wrangler Nov 23, 2005
9867 Mazda BT-50 Jul 10, 1998