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Hi everyone,

I just joined today April 1st,

I did a 83km trip from Laura to Maytown in far north Queensland, I had my exhaust torn off & a big sill panel dent for my experience, but it was worth every moment.

I did this trip just before Christmas in 2006 with a friend, he had never been 4WDriving so it was even better for him, he could not believe where we went & how we got through some of the terrain, especially in a car that was 21 years old, the only mods done on my Pajero were rear suspension stiffend & lifted, & a Warn 8500 pound winch, its 2.6 petrol which I modified myself for more power, I overhauled the head & opened & polished the ports, & put a 130 Webber Carby on it, & its fuel consumption is better but still a thirsty guzzler.

Check the pictures I have displayed & if anyone wants some more info or pics just email me & I will share them no worries.

Happy 4WDriving to all


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 BIT OF A ROUGH WASHED OUT STEEP TRACK BUT WORTH IT Toyota Landcruiser May 31, 2015
843 2013 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 9, 2015
38080 It was very hot dry but still a good trip with friends from Run Wat-Cha Brung 4x4. There was nearly no water in the river and what water was there was very green lol Toyota Landcruiser Nov 22, 2014
49568 We did this on our own. Was the best track on our Cape Trip. Took most of the day but was worth it. Didnt see another vehicle. Went the western track down the escarpment. Some big drop offs and steps. Great fun. No real damage, but the side steps copped it in one spot Toyota Prado Jul 16, 2013
38080 Great trip with great mates. Enjoyed every minute of it. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 22, 2013
29491 Toyota Landcruiser Jun 24, 2012
3197 Done this 5 times now & still not sick of it however in the wet it is chaos.. Nth to Sth or Sth to Nth excellent trip all will enjoy. I would advise going mid year it get unbearably hot & dry late in the year. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 17, 2011
5796 Good fun indeed. Toyota Prado Jul 13, 2010
29251 Nissan Patrol
6015 Nissan Patrol May 26, 2009