willunga - sellicks hills track
About the Track
Track Description

Starts off on bitimen then rough dirt road track.

Very steep sided drop offs.

Good beginners track

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
46636 Bitumen and graded dirt road. No 4WD required. Kia Sorrento Mar 5, 2014
46374 Tried fronm the top but closed Toyota Prado
40101 Not to bad little boring but still good Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 29, 2013
40087 Not worth the drive can be done in fwd or rwd Toyota Landcruiser May 16, 2013
35330 Just a dirt track. Pretty views. Toyota Hilux Surf Feb 23, 2013
35603 Easy Toyota RAV4 Dec 8, 2012
29198 Just a regular unsealed road. Great for a scenic drive though, excellent views. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 16, 2012
17811 :( Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 27, 2012
24554 Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 26, 2011
12386 wasnt actually my cruiser.. but my 2004 magna.. i wouldnt waste my time up it with a 4wd, but its a nice little rally track Toyota Landcruiser Aug 30, 2010
10065 This "track" is a well graded farm road that I would be perfectly happy driving a lowered Corolla on. Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 15, 2010
2271 did this drive today very easy Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 2, 2009
1316 Nissan Patrol Aug 10, 2008
1053 Nice easy drive. Good to quench 4WD thirst without driving hours and hours! Toyota Hilux Jun 7, 2008
512 Great litle track follows the top of the hills great for beginners Mitsubishi Pajero Apr 15, 2008
2469 Mitsubishi Pajero May 20, 2007