Low Saddle trk
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Track Description

Low Saddle is a good amature/pro track with a bit of everything lots of steep climbes and good creek crossings. A few good fishing spots along the way and spectacular views at the summit. Good ground clearance is needed and a snorkle reconmended if continuing down beardmores. Be wary after rain as the clay sections of the track almost become inpassable without lockers.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
50600 track is in goood nick now, a nice drive, its a good idear to walk the crossing as there was a couple of big rocks that could of done damage but we could avoid both Mazda BT-50 Nov 10, 2014
36771 Nice easy drive if you don't go down Beardmores Tk. River crossing was a couple of ft deep. Much more interesting (but longer) than going over the dam wall on the bitumen. Toyota Landcruiser Nov 30, 2013
28798 will do this track again and again loved it lots of water on that crossing up to my weendscreen Nissan Patrol Mar 23, 2013
46948 Very Very slippery the day after rain! Will not be attempting this again in the rainy season! Amazing creek though with some people going past on canoes Nissan Patrol
27383 Very Dangerous after rainfall, almost caused a very serious accident with both the hilux and the prado we were with. Toyota Hilux Oct 30, 2011
25466 driven through a few times now, like said earlier veryy slippery when wet Toyota Landcruiser Oct 16, 2011