Luke Creek No2 Track
About the Track
Track Description

Short Track, really only one steep acent/decent depending on which way you take it rest is easy Had to put the cruiser into 4 Low to get up the acent. there is a newish track on the right near maginal road intersection with either a large dip or an easier way up if you want to try this track, this extra part may be bike only

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42470 Very slippery after recent rain. Even the chicken tracks were hard Nissan Patrol Mar 16, 2014
39493 One very deep boghole that are way too deep to drive. A few others that cant be avoided. With muddies this track isnt hard. Nissan Patrol Jan 5, 2014
34795 Both Main boghole and bypass boghole to left unpassable on 33"s. There is a bypass to the right that is ok. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 27, 2013
14170 undrivable without winching Nissan Patrol Jun 3, 2012
12599 both bog hole and bypass unpassable. Can get round on the right side Toyota Hilux Apr 7, 2012
24274 Fun track, nice little creek crossing at the start. Avoid the bog hole its very deep, mate got stuck and ended up with rear quarter damage and bent exhaust brackets (haha) Nissan Patrol Mar 12, 2012
12599 Bypass track on the left of Bogholes is now quite deep. Got stuck with 33" Federal Couragia's Toyota Hilux Dec 26, 2011
5928 Did this in my lux with 31 all terrains was very slippy. An awesome track Toyota Hilux Apr 19, 2010
3339 Reasonably Easy. one Steep acent that required 4Low rest was just a cruise through Toyota Landcruiser Dec 29, 2009