Mittagong to Wombeyan Caves
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Easy track but have to go very slow as it is very steep and narrow. Good camping at the Wollindilly River or further along to Wombeyan Caves. You can carry on past the Caves and get to Taralga.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 slow ez track. liked the convict built tunnel good camping. Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2014
42048 Holden Rodeo Jul 15, 2013
42048 Holden Rodeo Jul 15, 2013
34738 windy road. took me about 2 hrs. from Mittagong to caves. worth the trip. nice camping places. Next time I will be taking my tent. :) Great Wall x200 Oct 20, 2012
19277 Evening rain meant the track was damp so no dust. Some potholes and small rocks. Confusing after the caves as the road turns to tarmac. Nice drive. LandRover Discovery Jun 26, 2012
29349 Stunning scenery. Towed a T-Van camper trailer from Mittagong to Wombeyan Caves without any problems but fortunately didn't meet any oncoming traffic on some of the tight stretches. Getting off to the side of the road to allow another vehicle to pass would have been hair raising in places. You get to be on the left side of the road hugging the hill more often if you travel from Wombeyan Caves to Mittagong rather than the other direction where you get closer to the cliff edges more. Also, a few minor rock falls along the way. After rain I suspect you would have to be prepared to do a u-turn should they be more significant. This would be tricky on a tight stretch with a trailer. Toyota Prado Jun 15, 2012
17302 This road was in great condition and is fine for cars. However as noted, it's narrow with sharp corners and very steep mountain edges. The old fences along the edge wouldn't even stop a bike, let alone cars, so care must be taken. These windy sections go for a loooong time, so some people will find this drive scary. Fantastic scenery and river! Toyota Prado May 5, 2012
27936 Very easy track, basically this is just a dirt road. Most cars will easily be able to make the trip. Just be careful with incoming traffic (beep you horn around blind corners) and be careful of the steep dropoff's down the side of the cliff. Nissan Patrol Apr 25, 2012
22459 Quite a good track. It is very narrow and cliff edges are tight but otherwise straightforeward in the dry. I image in the wet it could challenge a 4x4. The river crossing at the bottom is quite beautiful. Jeep Grand Cherokee Sep 18, 2011
20291 Toyota Landcruiser Sep 8, 2011
20293 Lots of nice scenery. More of a dirt road than a 4x4 track. If you plan on camping at the river half way along, my suggestion would be not to watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre the night before. The perfect scene for a gory horror movie. I would suggest the campsite at Wombeyan Caves. Toyota Hilux Aug 5, 2011
14189 Pleasant drive, not too tricky, oncoming traffic can make things a bit tight though Nissan Navara Feb 5, 2011
13585 Easy track but as listed, the trick is oncoming traffic, otherwise a pleasant drive. Have done in 4WD, AWD and 2wd and never a problem. Toyota Prado Jan 13, 2011
11843 LandRover Defender Jun 27, 2010
10975 Easy Track - don't necessarily need a 4x4. Jeep Wrangler Apr 23, 2010
12401 watch out for buses and semi's, buses go to and from the caves. I dont know where the semi came from but he was on his way out when he ran me off the road, lucky I met him before the cliff edges Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 1989