Milbong - Kooralbyn
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Track Description
This track was found by accident. It follows a dirt road from Boonah up to an old 4X4 Park in the hills behind Mt Sugarloaf. The dirt road winds around the mountain as you gain altitude. There is a gate with a sign indicating no through road but continue through and you will slowly decend towards Kooralbyn. Unfortunately at the end of the track i couldn\'t find access across the creek into Kooralbyn but it was an interesting trip back and up the hills. The track is rocky and firm but but one ascent may require diff locks or traction control depending on the vehicle.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
21864 Did some exploring in this area today. Green Hills Rd is an easy dirt road until you come to the first gate. Turned right at the second gate (as it's signed as private property and then track became interesting. Was stopped by a tree over the track after not too far in. Turned off onto Geiger Rd on the way back which turned the trip into a fun loop. Geiger Rd goes through Allendale and comes back out at Boonah. You'll go through a few gates. Ignore the bridge closed sign as there's a side track. Low range & high clearance required for Geiger Rd. Stock Amarok did it fine. Volkswagon 4wd May 5, 2012
18760 Did the track today pretty much as the original post in a range of vehicles including stock standard utes. Found a private property sign at the end preventing further travel. We did find a deviation toward the end that was pretty interesting. This then ran into an area where the tracks were completely grassed over, took us a while to get back to the main rd. Ford Ranger Mar 17, 2012
20785 The deviation off this track that we did was excellent. We turned right at the 2nd latched gate instead of going through it to continue on the above mapped course. We saw our first steep descent here after a long drive & decided to deviate to take it & then kept following it. We encountered the steepest hill on this track a little while later after having to do some gardening to access it & got up it with some wheel spin @ 25psi. But we lost the track through the grass at the crest & couldn't find where it went, so we had to turn around & go back. Getting back down this same steep hill (30m of track approx) was a little dodgy as it was rutted & sidewards cambered with some large rocks on it. I rolled some of the rocks off it as my friend snagged his Patrol's tyres on a couple, preventing him from reaching the top. We'll return soon to do the correct track mapped above as it was getting late in the day & I'll report more then. Obviously don't attempt this track if it looks like it's going to rain or you'll have to leave your car in there for a while. Toyota Prado Jul 23, 2011
12037 This is a great track - some very steep sections. Not sure if this if some parts are actually on private property. We drove down and crossed the river - but turned back when we ended up at some cattle yards. Going back up was fun - getting back up a few of the hills could be a bit difficult if it rained LandRover Discovery Jul 12, 2010
5796 Toyota Prado Sep 9, 2009