Millers Road
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Old fire trail in what was once State Forest but is now National Parks.  Reasonable clearance required to traverse this one - Mitsubishi outlander not recommended (had to be Towed through some sections).  Slippery as all heck when wet - but a truckload of fun.  Clay sections really slick and deeply rutted (some very narrow with no real alternate paths) - There is also a mud pit about 20 Km\'s in from the Millers Road starting point (ironically enough up on the top of the ridge, just before the clay section).  Lots of water crossings (and some very large puddles after a bit of rain).  Also a small number of bikes on the trail (however, they seem to stick mainly to the multitude of side tracks).  Stick to the main (gazetted) road as the park rangers are actively patrolling the area these days.  Could take a couple of hours to traverse in slippery conditions ... if you can make it through at all!  Track finishes up around Seventeen Mile Road (near Wallers and Logan Road intersection - Wallers Road can be attempted as a bit more fun particularly in the wet)

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42416 Done the Millers rd to the Esk-Hampton rd good run all the way. Creek crossings are dry and easily driveable. Steep section would be a eye opener if tackled to fast. Nice run and some good scenery. Seen the end of Wallers rd and it looks challenging. Holden Colorado Jan 21, 2014
23474 Went through this track today. Was a little bit of fun, quite a number of creek crossings. Nothing too difficult, certainly nothing a 4by with a decent set of A/T's couldn't handle, at least if it's not too wet. Nice end to the day. LandRover Discovery Aug 18, 2012
30348 traveled this track on ekka hol a dozer had been through in the past mth or so still not to bad though went down walkers rd to finish of the day still pretty wet in places Holden Colorado Aug 15, 2012
513 The Tracks in the area are closed because of water damage from the 2011 flood and now have close signs everywhere. Mitsubishi Challenger Aug 12, 2011
6900 was wet, slippery and boggy, all was good fun until the rutts at the start of wallers road when no grip meant panel damage. can't wait to do it again. Nissan Patrol Jun 20, 2009
4514 Toyota Landcruiser Jun 7, 2009
513 Part of the Lockyer track which are great fun. Since the D9 have cleared the areas, access to the hard and more fun track are now available Toyota Prado Jun 6, 2009
4526 Everyone stayed in normal mode. No 4wd required. Was rough with rocks etc and the track was dry Toyota Prado May 17, 2009