Mount Walsh National Park
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Track Description

Couple of tracks go to dead ends, there is a great view of the Rock and falls. There is stock along the way so be careful, the track concludes on private property.


ahosco Update:

If you happen to be on motobikes, when you get to \'Coongarra Rock\' shown in the photo\'s attached to this track, you can actually follow the creek (crossing it and riding down it, its rocky) for a short distance. You be able to see where other people have done it in the past. It gets to a fence and gate that you are able to open, head right, through a small portion of private property which will bring onto public roads which comes out at Coalstoun Lakes on the ISIS highway. 

Track Logs
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53029 Would be easy tracks for most four-wheel drives however soft-roaders would need to be cautious with clearance on rocks, and the occasional branch. When we were there Coongara falls was all but dry but was still a nice sight. The national parks website has some good maps of Mount Walsh NP as they do for most of our NPs. Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 7, 2014