Robertsons Creek Firetrail - Track
About the Track
Track Description

Robertsons Creek Fire Trail / Track starts at co-ordinates 37 - 58.477S and 145 - 51.693E at the intersection of South Hells Gate Track, Roberstons Creek Fire Trail and Quartz Creek Road.  

Heading along the track from this direction, you will encounter steep ascents and descents.  There are also several rocky parts of the track and a lot of the track is also rutted, so either lift or picking a good line is required.

I would suggest starting at this end as you will end up descending one or two of the steeper sections rather than ascending.  Both of the steeper sections are very rocky.

Towards the end of the track you will have three options,

1.  Continue straight, end up on a dirt bike track ( requires some tree negotiation ) and exit onto Forest Road

2.  Turn right at 90 degrees at the bottom of the second steep descent and travel to Forest Road along Rocky Track ( see track log )

3.  Turn right at the bottom of the same hill at 45 degrees and head back to Forest Road along Birrell Track. 

If you have lift, I would take the Rocky Track option.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
39493 Very slippery after rain. Nissan Patrol May 8, 2014
45751 This one was done whilst out on a Geocaching trip in the Area. Only got hung up once. Suzuki Vitara Mar 30, 2014
37252 Awesome track did it in a standard Amarok with bold tyers and a big load on the back went from south to north and then back again. scraped towbar over every hump Volkswagon 4wd Nov 23, 2013
17104 completed north to south. in a pajero with 31"tyres, scraped all the way down. i think it would be near impossible going south to north Mitsubishi Pajero Feb 12, 2012
1863 We went from South to North. Some winching over the wet rocky bits. Extensively graded in the Northern section recently. This has left the track slippery in the wet but flat Willo Jeep Wrangler Apr 11, 2010
1430 Done again since the fires of Feb 09. Great track, still a challenge. Looking forward to doing it, or trying to do it in the wet. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 9, 2010
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 27, 2009
107 Getting quite deeply rutted now. Did $3500 damage to my drivers side sill! Good track. Nissan Pathfinder