Mount Wheeler
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Along Cams Road towards Cockscombe & Guwala, before you get to Cockscombe there is a \'No Thru Road\' sign to the right, so I assume it is a gazetted road, it goes for quite some way and there are lots of side roads - there are several fences and \'private property\' signs - respect peoples property and leave things alone.... there are some good views of Mount Wheeler from up close.. . ..  the days that I have been there it has been nice and dry but there are many little gullys that could easily become creeks after rain and there looks like there is some nice thick black dirt towards the Cockscombe road....


. ..  ..   as I have said, i cant vouch for the ownership of the place - its certainly not mine!  treat the place with respect, dont leave shit laying around, dont be a redneck and go there for the sake of looking at something new not for the sake of fucking it up for everyone else!!  



I have seen maps where the track is a gazetted road all the way from Cawarral to Tanby via Post Office Road, but there is a GREAT BIG sign up saying \'NO THRU ROAD TO POST OFFICE ROAD\' so we figured they didnt want us going that way... 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28211 I came to this track from the north. Turned of the rockhampton road at Mackays Road then turned onto Mt Wheeler road. Followed if for a bit past the 'no through road'and past the 'end of maintained road' sign. Got lost around mt wheeler a bit but ended up at the entrance as described. Lots of side tracks and some look very challenging. Jeep Cherokee Oct 6, 2014
48811 Lots of different tracks ranging from easy to hard difficulty's. Easy to get lost though. Will definitely be going back soon. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 11, 2014