Scented Gum Road
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a few nice little ascents and descents, nothing too bad especially considering the view. 


The track initially drops into a gully that can flow with a little rain, and then it climbs from there to the top, travels along the top of the ridge and then over onto the other side of the mountain (Mt Nicholason?) winds around for a little while through some nice country side, some creek crossings (dry at this visit, but look like they would rise quickly)... we came across a fence with a do not enter sign so we turned around and went back the way we came.


I have no idea if this is a road or a fire break or what, I crossed no private property signs getting there, there *were* some cattle on the far side though so care should be taken to not upset the wildlife or destroy the track.


you can find the track at the top of one of the crests along Scented Gum Road, which is off New Zealander Gully Road, which is a side road off Sliepner Road . ..  ..   as I have said, i cant vouch for the ownership of the place - its certainly not mine!  treat the place with respect, dont leave shit laying around, dont be a redneck and go there for the sake of looking at something new not for the sake of fucking it up for everyone else!! 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
28211 Found this track today. Nice climbs and descents. Was dry and pretty loose and was scrabbling for traction a couple of times but nothing to hard. This would be a lot more 'interesting' after some wet weather though. Lovely views from the top! Jeep Cherokee Oct 6, 2014
18141 This track is awesome, it is quite easy but it takes you through some awesome country and there is offshoots which will prove challenging including one track up a dry but rocky creek bed, with large rocks scatted about the place. Cheers for this one EEBJM Subaru Brumby Aug 9, 2013