Mt Bulla Summit To Craigs Hut Via Mt Sterling Summit
About the Track
Track Description

This track takes you from the car park at the summit of Mt Bulla across the Corn Hill Rd to Howqua Gap up until here this track is quite easy. From Howqua Gap to the summit of Mt Stirling the track becomes steep and rocky in some places and could be difficult especially after rain. From Mt Stirling to Craig's Hut the track is fairly straight forward and passes near to Geelong Grammar School's Hut. From Craig's Hut continue on to Circuit Rd where you can either turn left or right (as the name implies Circuit Rd does a loop around Mt Stirling) to continue to Telephone Box Junction and back down to the Mansfield Rd.

Please Note This Track Is Closed During The Winter Months.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47498 We did the reverse, starting from telephone box junction the Craig's hut and across to Buller. A lot of fun, not too strenuous and the light rain and mist made the snow gums at Craig's look even better. Jeep Grand Cherokee Mar 26, 2015
45429 Corn Hill Road specifically is easy, but lots of small loose rocks start to finish. Possible tyre staking. Toyota Prado Jan 5, 2014