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The Mt Davies Rd is one of those tracks that sits on the map brooding, always catching your eye when you start to dream of the next trip, and defies you to venture on to it. The added attraction of this track is that it is always described as being closed or never used.

It runs for more than 400 km between Anne\'s Corner on the Anne Beadell Hwy and the community of Pipalyatjara near Surveyor Generals Corner.  In the southern part below Mt Lindsay the  track is very challenging. To be fair to the mappers, the track seems not to exist for much of its length, and disappears into the sand and desert vegetation. Finding the track ahead involves searching along the next crest on foot. Unlike the Simpson where the track approaches the dunes at right angles, the track here skirts up the dunes at a angle of about 30 degrees, kinks to the right at the summit, then kinks back to the left for the descent. From the top the view can be heart breaking as the massive dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. On one day with much snatching and digging we covered only 60 km.

There are many stunning landforms along the northern half of the track. 

Annes Corner can be reached from Coober Pedy to the east, or from Vokes Corner to the west. From Vokes Corner it is a short haul to the Head of the Bight via Cook, or a long haul along the Anne Beadell Hwy into WA.

The best  maps are Terrain View from Google Earth, and the 1;250,000 NatMap series.


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