Erica to OTooles Flat via Donnelly Creek Rd
About the Track
Track Description

This is the easiest route to get to O\'Tooles Flat. It may be longer in klms, but the track is in good condition (as at 11.10.2008) and for people with little or no experience, this is the way to go!

N.B. After rain, the tracks are very slippery.

The klms are approximate and intended as a guide only, they have not been field checked!

0.00 Klm Head north out of town on Walhalla Rd (C466)

3.90 Proceed straight ahead (PSA) at Parkers Corner as the Rd changes to Thomson Valley Rd (C481).

15.5 PSA as the road name changes to Thomson Dam Access Rd

20.8 Proceed as the Rd crosses the Thomson Dam wall

24.1 T intersection, Walhalla Rd,turn left, the road becomes gravel

39.0 Turn right onto Donnelly Creek Rd, the road starts to decend, follow this down to Codes Flat.

41.5 Comet Spur Trk on your left proceed straight ahead, buildings on your right are Aberfeldy Cabins (available for hire).

Cross the bridge over the Aberfeldy River, Trk on right PSA.

44.7 Track on left signposted Toombon Trk PSA.

Hairpin bend with a mullock heap and several remnents of by-gone days.

Y Intersection, veer left, Trk on right is to Toombon Hotel now a private residence.

48.0 Y intersection veer right, LH Trk is signposted Jorgensons Trk.

48.3 T intersection turn left, RH Trk is Junction Trk. Jorgensens Hut on the right PSA. Cross the Donnelly Creek (hub height). Trk on right hand side signposted

52.6 Little O\'Tooles campground on left PSA

52.7 Flats Trk on right PSA.

52.9 Turn left into O\'Tooles Flat campground.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
45751 Did this one on our way into O'Tooles Suzuki Vitara Nov 14, 2014
5796 Come back in to O'Tooles from Moe Toyota Prado Dec 31, 2009
107 Nissan Pathfinder Nov 12, 2008
1659 Drove a kid who had a broken leg from O'Tooles to Erica. Took about 4 hours with every bump felt through his leg. Toyota Landcruiser Oct 17, 2008
285 Done this road / track / trip plenty of times... very easy trip... Toyota Hilux Oct 14, 2008
648 Did the reccy run for O'Tooles Flat, Donnelly Creek Rd is in excellent condition. Nissan Patrol Oct 11, 2008