Mt. Disappointment - Boundary Rd to Lords Rd
About the Track
Track Description

A North to South trip through Mt. Disappointment State Forest on well formed tracks.  The descent on Boundary Rd to Anderson Garden Camp is fairly steep and requires a low gear and engine braking.  The bottom section of Escreets Track is steep and could present a challenge in wet weather. Road surface was good when I drove the route but parts could be tricky after extended wet weather.  The track has a detour down Hilliers Track which, despite indications on most maps, turned out to be a dead end at the park boundary, so requires you to retrace your route. The track surface on Hillier Track was varied with rocky sections and eroded section on some of the steeper hills. I wouldn\'t recommend this section unless you are feeling like you need something more challenging. 

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49823 somehow this map took me to Full and plenty track, great fun . any one been there? its about 4km track Toyota Prado Jun 22, 2014
39911 A short little track which would be a bit of fun in wet weather Toyota Landcruiser May 27, 2013
38747 really good track, after a bit of rain there was some nice puddles and some serious rocks and branches, I would say this is intermediate but lots of fun! Toyota Prado Mar 22, 2013
18635 Nice easy drive, Hilliers Trk was overgrown so steer clear if you like your paint job. Toyota Landcruiser Sep 2, 2012