Mt Disappointment - Dry Creek Road
About the Track
Track Description
Fairly easy going road/track. Nothing out of the ordinary except when it\'s wet. Definitely need to be in 4H. Nice drive if you need to get out of the house.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
49478 Pretty easy except for a small section towards the end where it gets pretty muddy and the ruts are quite deep. Will need a lift and 33s to get past. Toyota Hilux Jul 12, 2014
48148 Nissan Patrol May 25, 2014
48148 Nissan Patrol May 3, 2014
45863 Just a dirt road.. dry.. nothing special here.. LandRover Range Rover Sport Apr 26, 2014
14417 From the starting point, I turned right and headed south east down Main Mountain Rd for 1 Km or so then turned left and headed north. I did a loop that went past the reservoir and turned left then headed south from the middle of the dam and immediately went up hill after turning right. This met up at the junction of Main Mountain Rd about 1.5 Km from where I left the Rd. This definitely requires 4wd with reasonable ground clearance, as some contours are up to 1 ft deep coming up the hill from the dam. Great track for a beginner like me in the dry, and finally got to do some 4wding in the new car. The track was very hard and dry, making it fairly easy in a Prado with std tyres, but in the wet this could require better tyres. Toyota Prado Dec 29, 2010
12137 Toyota Hilux Aug 9, 2010
12137 Toyota Hilux Aug 8, 2010