Yerranderrie via Kowmung and limeburners Trails
About the Track
Track Description
Great weekend drive from Sydney or Goulburn to the old mining town (ghost town) of Yerranderrie
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47488 nice drive camped at batsh camp Toyota Landcruiser Mar 20, 2015
5477 Great weekend away, unfortunately Limeburners is closed. Toyota Prado Sep 7, 2009
5516 limeburners is closed so went down thru range fire trail was great couple day out there very very cold tho.... Nissan Patrol Sep 7, 2009
2624 - No 4WD yet Nov 23, 2008
57 Yerranderie is a great place to stay, whether you camp or stay in the cottages. Dont forget to check out the old cemetery while you are there Nissan Pathfinder Aug 13, 2006
12401 Limeburners was open last time i went and stayed there the friday night. an excellent track. then stay at Yerranderie the saturday night. We hired the Post office/police station, there's like 20 beds in there. loaded with furniture containing history like the draws are full of photo's and your allowed to go through it all if you stay there. The ranger was very friendly and informative. We have been back a few times and stayed in the free camp ground and also stayed down near the grave yard and thats another story Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2006
17332 Nice 2 day trip though I have heard that lime burners is now closed. Photos here: Nissan Patrol
1635 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 1999