Mt Ginnini and Back
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Track Description

Start at Brindabella Rd, head up to piccadilly circus. The road here can be very rocky, slow and steady is the key. Turn left on to Mt Franklin rd (on the crest) and just follow it. Be careful this road is narrow in parts so if other people are coming back down be diplomatic and get out of the way if you can. About halfway along (20kms or so) 35°23\'12.71\"S 148°48\'18.97\"E You come to Bulls head pass. A great place to boil the billy and have a bite. From here you can either turn left and head down to Bendora dam ( 19kms of bumpy rocky road) or head further up the Mt franklin road. Fantastic views over the ranges from this road.  there are several gates to pass through on this track and some are locked in the winter. The end of the track is the gateway to the bimberri wilderness and 4x4 is banned from this point. back down the road from where you came about 600m is a turn off, this is loose, sharp and rocky. at the top is a comunications hut for many people but mainly aviation.

Bendora dam, Here there is ample room for the kids to play and a nice walk down to the dam wall is refreshing. I recomend walking right to the bottom to see the wall better. Be reminded that there is a full time ranger stationed in the building beyond the picnic area so behave.

Back track along to find your way out. This is a great track to familiurise yourself with 4x4ing, a good training ground.

GPS Track file provided by twisty.

\"June 2011. GPS file starts 1km short of Mt Ginini (due to fallen tree) and ends at Bulls Head.  Sorry the track is \"backwards\".  Contractors were slashing soadside vegetation and had gone as far as 5km from mt Ginini summit.  Excellent view, a few slipery spots including ice patches (not a problem).\"

 - twisty

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45122 Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 6, 2014
29510 fun on mt franklin in the snow rd being graded to mt franklin Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 6, 2013
360 Nice easy drive on a glorious day, no snow. Mitsubishi Triton May 21, 2013
36152 Toyota Hilux Apr 13, 2013
25418 Jeep Cherokee Jan 26, 2012
25418 Jeep Cherokee Jan 26, 2012
20106 Daihatsu Feroza Jul 1, 2011
18034 muddy with snow towards the top and at the mt summit. 1770m above sea level here Toyota 4Runner Jun 18, 2011
18034 muddy with snow towards the top and at the mt summit. 1770m above sea level here Toyota 4Runner Jun 18, 2011
19034 Easy going with most of the verge slashed. Some ice and snow near the summit. Tree down 500m from Mt Ginini. Nissan Patrol Jun 16, 2011