Mt Stirling- Clear hills Track
About the Track
Track Description

This is a great track for all levels of ability, short steep sections with rocks and ruts, shallow mud and clay pads on flat plateaus between crests.

The trip we took went from Craigs hut, with a moderate amount of experience and a small group was fairly easy, but only a little rain and the track would be difficult to pass. Victorian parks and gardens has it marked as single diamond (dificult) it is easy to see how this could be.

Going up this track would be harder. this area is seasonly closed  

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
45494 Toyota Hilux Aug 5, 2014
48063 Went with the mrs and 7 week year old, the rocks and bumps sent my son to sleep. Scenery is great! Mitsubishi Pajero May 31, 2014
45494 Toyota Hilux May 1, 2014
41007 Fantasic scenery and the view from Mt Sterling is amazing. Easy drive, could be done in an AWD in the dry. Mitsubishi Pajero Jan 10, 2014
45429 Drove this from Howqua Gap Hut to Craig's Hut (uphill). The harder sections were graded recently and an X-Trail had no problems anywhere on the track. Decent tyres would help if wet. Toyota Prado Jan 5, 2014
107 New years in the Victorian High Country - nothing better. We drove from Craig's Hut up to the Mt Sterling summit and back. No problems whatsoever. The old rock ledge has been removed so no probs for not-so-high clearance vehicles. Dry and dusty, great scenery and views forever. Nissan Pathfinder Dec 31, 2013
24726 Caught the back half of it from Monument Tk. It was easy even in the rain, wasn't technical, a good track for a learner Jeep Cherokee Nov 23, 2013
21113 Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 2012
25581 Yes we did a lot this day and had a ball. Nissan Patrol Feb 26, 2012
13579 Mazda BT-50 Jan 27, 2012
3981 Easy drive, great view from the top. Good starter track for 17yr old with her PPlate licence all of 3weeks. Toyota Landcruiser Apr 17, 2011
15664 Traveled from Mt Stirling to Howqua Gap hut (downhill). Some deep holes to bottom out in. Would be difficult going up. Toyota Landcruiser Feb 22, 2011
10800 Toyota Landcruiser Jan 13, 2011
10962 Excellent rocky track. Takes in Mt. Sterling and Craigs Hut, well worth a visit. Nissan Patrol May 22, 2010
6015 Nissan Patrol Feb 15, 2010