Mt Macedon - Hesket Bdry Rd
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Found this quite by accident, almost literally. As you head to Hanging Rock from Mt Macedon, a couple of km out is the turn off to Sanitorium Lake, on the right. Follow the track as it veers of to the left (this is Lions Head Rd). About 100m before the end, just before the turn around, off to the right is a track. Don\'t make the mistake we made - deflate tyres here!!!!!! What starts off as a nice, smooth track turns into, quite suddenly, a steep, greasy trap. I didnt deflate, lost ALL traction and went hurtling down the side of the mountain with absolutely no control whatsoever. It ended up me jamming the Pathy into reverse in Low Range and the missus pulling on the handbrake as we ended up at 90 degrees to the track. After letting go of 20 psi, (and almost the contents of our bowels) we were soon on our way again, and the rest of the track was a pleasure to drive. We emerged just near Shannons Rd, which is more a road than a track. Made it more interesting, having the low cloud providing a thick fog. Good fun, just remember to deflate before its too late!!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
47898 Toyota Prado Apr 20, 2014
25943 no probs track was a little damp but was fun Nissan Pathfinder Jan 15, 2012