Nash Creek Loop Track
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Easy track in Bunyip State Forest. Leads to a nice open area with some large boulders and a scenic view along the High Tension Powerlines. 

NB.  Do not head north as in the GPS track, we thought the track headed that way, but leads to a moderate incline with steep ruts.  The Patriot need a good kick to get up there and it definately isnt an easy track.


Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
55046 Did the easy part of the track (Entered second gate then right turn at junction). That was fun. Went back and then straight at junction. Traveling to the centre point was easy, then it got really technical (too technical for me) - Steep decent with large ruts. Doubled back and went back down the way I came as i was solo with the kids. Toyota FJ Cruiser Jan 17, 2015
49527 We were in the area on the weekend 15/06/14 and discovered the seasonal road closure has begun for tracks within the park. The seasonal closure began on the 14th of June and runs through until the 1st of November. Great resource on track conditions can be found at Toyota Landcruiser Jun 16, 2014
39606 Excellent track for first timers, only one steep section which is definitely not for AWDs to climb (need 4L) maybe coming down is not too tricky. Stock 98 Jackaroo had a ball. Holden Jackaroo Mar 23, 2014
23121 Nissan Pathfinder Dec 21, 2012
35467 Easy track, One steep descent with some ruts, good begginners track. Mitsubishi Triton Nov 4, 2012
24661 Enjoyable family beginner track. 1 very steep section - we just made it down, but I doubt we would have made it up. Very deep ruts. Many alternate tracks in area, and SEC tracks offer options. Subaru Forester Dec 27, 2011
22083 This track is easy the stock hj60 made it in 2wd quite easy but the track was closed and was raining the hardest part was getting around the gate Toyota Landcruiser Oct 1, 2011
16649 Track was easy to complete. Had a very first timers with me in stock, and no issues at all. Toyota Landcruiser Jun 5, 2011
4017 went after a bit of rain and it was a little slippy but lots of fun. a few harsh spoon drains but nothing my little zuke couldn't handle :D Suzuki Vitara Sep 6, 2010
24649 Got me Cruiser a week ago talked the Wife into heading out, Nash Creek Loop was a great starter she can't wait to try something a little harder. Toyota Landcruiser
6662 Good Fun! Did track with Mitsubishi Outlander and Land Rover. A few steep descents and ascents but was good for first time 4x4 in Australia. Mitsubishi Outlander Dec 7, 2009
2696 Jeep Wrangler Jan 10, 2009
107 Nissan Pathfinder
485 Nissan Pathfinder Apr 25, 2008
36 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 24, 2008
2 Jeep Patriot Jan 7, 2008
70 Nissan Patrol Jan 17, 2008