Newnes State Forest - Telegraph Track
About the Track
Track Description

The Track has many steep ascents and descents with extreamly difficult parts but also chicken tracks. There are very deep mud holes, especialy after rain. It\'s a popular 4x4 and trail bike area with camping and picnic areas so your bound to meet other 4WD enthusiasts.

Get there from Richmond via Bells line of Road and take the turn off at Zig Zag Rainway then follow the unsealed road to the Glowworm Tunnel Road.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
58857 The power line track is good fun, rained alot the day before so had to pick and chose which puddles to hit but had some nice tricky sections. A few motor bikes about but no dramas, worth the trip from Sydney Nissan Navara May 23, 2015
21151 Great weekend fun with mates Toyota Hilux Jan 26, 2013
35887 Nissan Patrol Nov 16, 2012
26093 Toyota Landcruiser May 27, 2012
21151 Power-lines Track is the best, a lot more tracks to be explored up there. Be careful of motorbikes. Toyota Hilux May 3, 2012
26036 Heaps of fun Toyota Hilux Apr 6, 2012
19299 cold and muddy Toyota Landcruiser Jun 1, 2011
13633 fun track, would be gnarly in the wet. top areas are a lot of fun for everyone but some of the steep valleys have only one exit. needed new undies after hill out of happy valley springs. Toyota Hilux Dec 19, 2010
10301 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 6, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Apr 4, 2010
11304 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 5, 2010
12455 Nissan Patrol Jan 16, 2010
17457 done this track a few times, had to give it another go after getting stuck on the power lines track at the big rock :(. Nissan Patrol