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The Ningbing Road connects Kununurra to the coast of Joseph Bonaparte Gulf some 90 km as the crow flies to the north. For the driver who visits the East Kimberley the coast can be reached at Kalumburu, by the Ningbing Road, or by boat from Wyndham. This track is about 150 km long and can only be travelled in the dry.

 The coast is not that attractive. The water is muddy as the Cambridge Gulf spews silt into the sea just around the corner. Sandflies make camping on the coast an unattractive proposition. Swimming is discouraged- unless you have a death wish. Photographs in the bar of the Wyndham Hotel show a very large salty rearing up on its haunches to snap at passing sea gulls.

 After passing through the Ord River irrigation region, the track passes several impressive ranges, including the Ningbing Range. We camped in a natural rock amphitheatre about 200 meters west of the track just where the ranges stop and the coastal plains start.

This track isn\'t hard, but rain would make it very exciting. I noted that 44 mm fell the week after we visited. 

 We drove the vehicles down on to the beach to mark the most northerly point of our crossing of the continent.

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