No Name Mountain Fire Trail
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The No Name Mountain Fire Trail is in the coastal mountain hinterland near Batemans Bay in South Coast NSW. This trip starts 7 km south of BBay and follows Runnyford, Egan and Quart Pot Roads through interesting scenery along good forest tracks for 23 km to the No Name Mountain Fire Trail.

For the next 10 km low range ascents and descents prevail. The often rutted track is rocky but clay based, so it would be treacherous in the wet. Numerous deep and steep conservation mounds require a vehicle with good clearence.After the Hanns Road turnoff the trail improves on its descent to the Buckenbowra River.

An easily missed unmarked side track on the right is actually the continuation of the No Name Mountain Fire Trail. After a short and extremely steep section a river crossing is reached and to the right is an excellent campsite and swimming hole.

The trail continues after the crossing through more great country. As the day was getting on we opted for the quicker and easier way out so we backtracked and stayed on the major logging road to Nelligen. It was well worth it as there were excellent coastal views from the Bolaro Mountain Road.

Lindsay and the magnificent polar bear

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
35977 very easy, standard 2012 triton finished without loss of traction. we even saw a holdern captseva on the track Toyota Landcruiser Nov 19, 2012
11241 Complete this with a 2" lifted and locked surf on 33'' muds, a 2" lifted 100 series on 33" muds and a standard Nivara. No trouble for any of us. Tracks very good condition, standard car does it easily. If wet it might be a bit slipery but it was dry when we did it. Toyota Hilux Surf May 22, 2012
24859 Moderate track with great feedback. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 4, 2012
36152 Great decent into/through the river. Would recommend for an interesting trip coming in from Old Bolaro Rd west of Nelligen and following Quart Pot to the Hwy south of batemans Toyota Hilux Dec 28, 2011
11004 Pretty bloody awesome trail!!! Mitsubishi Pajero Aug 9, 2010
14785 Mitsubishi Triton May 10, 2010
6310 Mitsubishi Delica Oct 18, 2009
6310 Great track and beautifull scenery . Mitsubishi Delica Oct 18, 2009
4071 great track played for a little while crossed h,way then ended up at surf beach. Nissan Patrol Jul 11, 2009
3000 verrryyy goood track really enjoyed it! Toyota Hilux Dec 27, 2008
4831 had a great time watch the cows. Mitsubishi Pajero Dec 25, 2008
12401 Simply Awesome! Toyota Landcruiser Aug 10, 2005