One Speck Track
About the Track
Track Description
Came from Army Track to try this one, along Fultons Creek Track. There is a creek crossing early on, but nothing  that cannot be forded in most vehicles. Low range and clearance is definitely needed for this track. It has some steep climbs, and the decents can need care as well. Some great views can be expected, and there is also some areas along the way for a nice break. Parts of this track can be challenging, with some good vehicle placement necessary. The climbs can be challenging in some spots due to ruts, and culverts, but should prove fun. The decents are straight forward, just watch for very loose rocks. Would be a different deal in the wet.
Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
11056 Nice track Nissan Patrol Jan 26, 2015
50600 1 tight bend just as you enter the creek its best to back up and get a better line as you could go over if you did not inprove your angle, one of the best climbs i've done Mazda BT-50 Nov 10, 2014
25416 Came from Army Track because I couldn't get up in the wet with my ATZs. Plenty easier than Army Track. I did this at night, in the wet, and had lots of fun. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Jul 2, 2014
35467 Not to hard, but still a goo track! Mitsubishi Triton Jun 10, 2013
1524 Nissan Patrol Jun 22, 2010
762 A good track interesting in places Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2010
762 A good track interesting in places Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2010
1430 Did this as part of the Neerim to O'Tooles Labour Day trip in 2010. Nice little track with some interesting areas, nothing too extreme. Mitsubishi Pajero Mar 7, 2010
774 Toyota Landcruiser May 18, 2009
2387 Toyota Landcruiser Feb 4, 2009
1506 lots of fun for a newbie to push their limits. One of our co travellers broke their clutch slave and had a bit of a mission to get up in his GQ Toyota Hilux Sep 7, 2008
1524 Toyota Hilux Sep 7, 2008
661 Toyota Prado May 26, 2008
36 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 23, 2008
648 Nissan Patrol Nov 20, 2007