Oodnadatta Track
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Track runs about 650KMs from Marree to Marla and has fuel stops at William Creek and Oodnadatta at around 200KM intervals. There are track condition signs at each stop indicating whether the proceeding track section is open, closed or 4x4 only. We went up a week after a storm hit and the Oodnadatta only opened a couple of days before we left, but Painted Desert, Hamilton Homestead and Mt Dare and Finke Rd areas were all still flooded when we went past. So water will hang around for a while up there. There were plenty of pooled water sections all over the track and in the many river crossings. The only crossing we came across that was any trouble (and by trouble I mean fun, not difficult) was Peake Creek between William Creek and Oodnadatta which was reasonably wide with a bit of a flow at 0.7 meters deep. A lot of the track can safely be done around 100KM, but be cautious of washouts and dips. I got quite a bit of air time on that trip heh heh...

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51151 Revisited the track again, and the conditions were much the same. Plenty of loose rocks, and lightly corrugated towards the Marla end. Holden Captiva Oct 16, 2014
36778 Suzuki Sierra Jul 15, 2013
51151 Track was dry and corrigations were almost non existent. Hardly dropped below 100km/h the whole way. Holden Captiva Apr 9, 2013
25454 Stacks, and stacks of mud aswell. Went through in July. Started raining when we were at Williams creek in 2 hours the track was destroyed. Nothing technical on the track, but nice drive Subaru Outback Jan 28, 2012
5796 Mud, Mud, Mud. What an interesting drive though. Well worth the effort. Toyota Prado Aug 3, 2011
13473 Track in good condition - A few mudholes but easily avoided - Very slippery and boggy if not. Toyota Hilux Surf Jan 30, 2011
11262 Love being out there. Rather warm mind you, bring your sun screen. Toyota Hilux Surf Oct 21, 2010
11056 Nissan Patrol Jul 30, 2010
12717 Did the track in late june this year, there were warnings on forums about the condiditon of the track and I was halfway worried how we would go with my parents in an AWD campervan in tow - but it was a perfect trip, the whole track was in better shape than when we did it in 2008, hardly any water around. Saw all the sights, camped at Coward springs and at Olarinna creek betwen Oodnadatta and Marla. Ford Maverick Jun 28, 2010
29251 William Creek Gymkhana Nissan Patrol