PARs 3,4 and 5
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These roads are Public Access roads between Blinman and Angorichina, we found the tracks pretty slow going in some sections and PAR 5 to Patawarta is an interesting climb and worth the detour. Give yourself a full day to travel.




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by AJ CHALKLEN - 1990
FIELD PROCEDURES 3 5. 8. RESULTS DISCUSSION V? 6.1. Blinman Pools 3/. 6.2. Patawarta Hill and Artimore Ruins 43. 6^3. Some Issues Related to PARs in General ...

Track Logs
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24941 Did 4 & 5 as a solo run in the dry. Certainly not a driving challenge, but a really must-do track. There are some beaut old ruins and a couple of free bush campsites as well as scenery along every inch. Travelled PAR 3 to Nuccaleena in a mate's Pathy in 2011. The road had some big washouts and a large creek to cross and usually it's as dry as a chip. Nothing really difficult. Nuccaleena is a must-see IMHO. Toyota Landcruiser May 20, 2012
16281 PAR 3 slow going as after the rains the road has deep water ruts. took PAR 4 to Patawarta Gap. Travelling through the river beds was challenging, went into many different terrains. Next time we will continue to head north, no turning around. Holden Rodeo Apr 22, 2011