Yackandada Long Tom
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Very steep and long hill climb. I have never seen anyone drive up this hill in the wet but have seen a Jeep almost roll 50m up. Great to sit back and watch the the big trucks play. Ive been down this track but never made it up with anything i have owned. Every local to the area has heard of Long Tom.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
42485 This is a great track. It's really only double black diamond in the wet. But be careful, and don't become complacent. I've been up and down many times - and rolled there not so long ago! Seen and herd of many others doing the same... Toyota Hilux Aug 19, 2013
41605 Had a visit lunch time today. Very wet down the bottom and A/T tyres gave no hope of even coming close to climbing the bottom of Long Tom. Took the long way around and came down from the top to the bottom. The track is in good nick all the way. Mitsubishi Pajero Jul 14, 2013
40082 Jeep Wrangler May 27, 2013
12527 I have only been down this in a Hilux never made it up. Mazda Bravo Feb 10, 2000