Pitts Track to Woods Lookout Marysville
About the Track
Track Description

The lower sections of this track are easy to moderate in the dry - with clay sections lower down which could be interesting in the wet.

The difficult section where the "fun" starts is close to the end after the track makes the right turn towards the south east. Here the track goes straight up for about 300m over lots of loose rock with some large sharp rocks and a couple of rock ledges. The loose rock caused our front ends to slip slideways as we slightly angled across to position our wheels for the next ledge etc. (Not a pleasant Feeling).

Some of the ledges needed 2 goes with the Prado (no lift) and the stock Disco 3 in order to stop scraping underneath.  

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
51828 Went the day after heavy rain fall, track was bone dry. The Unlimited Rubicon made it up without using lockers, no lift and all terrains. My mates Rav 4 with rear lockers wasn't able to make it up either side; short whee base and no low range, he bounced too much. Would definitely recommend long wheel base. Great track, awesome views. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Mar 1, 2015
45751 Got most of the way to the top well we got to the Rock steps then we got a call over the radio that one of our crew had blown his rear diff so we had to turn back & help him, We went up to Woods Lookout from the other side & noticed that there was a locked gate near the top. Suzuki Vitara Dec 28, 2014
53373 Closed from top of Mt Gordon. Jeep Grand Cherokee Oct 26, 2014
28798 Nissan Patrol Mar 5, 2013
3737 Asia Rocsta Jun 5, 2009
1052 lots of rocks all shapes and sizes, very steep, big rock ledges, would recomened lockers, chicken track up the left hand side is easyer than main trk but to cross back over at the top you need to come across a rock ledge side ways. its got me how these std 4x4's got up ?? Toyota Landcruiser Jan 9, 2009