Point Turton Esplanade Beach Track
About the Track
Track Description

Entrance off of the corner of The Esplanade / Savio Road, POINT TURTON. It is signed 4wd vehicles only, but has fairly low clearance required for majority, however some parts have dug out ruts which require a bit more. Standard height 4wd should be fine.

The top track is compact sand and dirt, and follows a fence line. It eventually leads out onto the beach, through some soft sand. There is an option to follow the top track a bit further though, but eventually comes out onto the beach.

This track is one way only, so slower speeds recommended. It has a few points at which you can pull off the side to allow a vehicle pass. There are some bushes/trees that may leave very minor pin stripes, but nothing serious.

Once you reach the beach, you can follow it in the easterly direction and eventually there are some dunes you can play in, or leave via Flaherty's Beach Road and get back onto the main road (Corny Point Road). I've added the track marker for the dunes as well, look under Flaherty's Beach Dunes.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40552 Good wide beach. Perfect for kite buggying and fooling around. Beach is easy to drive. Jeep Cherokee Oct 28, 2013
25634 Been through here many times in an Xtrail, you can follow the beach all the way to Hardwicke Bay and exit via the boat ramp. Beach is usually firm but a couple of hundred metres of soft at the northern end. Nissan Xtrail Oct 20, 2012
30508 Track onto beach was alot more compact after the rain. The beach was fairly hard as well, with only a few soft spots (main one when going through soft sand from top track onto beach). Dunes down the end have changed since I last went. Nissan Navara Sep 29, 2012