Flahertys Beach Dunes
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Track Description

Enter from Flahertys Beach Road, which is on Corny Point Road, just off Brentwood Road.

Follow the dirt road to the end, there is a carpark and a track that leads onto the beach. The track is basically wooden sleepers, with sand over them. It's a bit rough, but regular height 4wd's will have enough clearance. At the end of the wooden track, you hit the beach. Depending on the time you go, it can be quite soft, with deep ruts.

Turn right when you hit the beach and follow it. It's approximately 4km along the beach. You will more than likely see the entrance to the dunes as a few people seem to use it, and there always seems to be fresh tyre tracks when I go there.

There are a few different tracks in there you can follow, and over the back of the first one is a little bowl. Have some fun, then turn around and leave the same way you got there. The sand is very soft in some parts, and its recommended you either have your own sand recovery, or someone else with you just in case. It's suitable for beginners, with experience in sand driving. There is one main steep dune at the front, and a side track that takes you to the bowl. Be prepared to cop some pin striping - nothing too serious though.

I've done this on normal AT's without airing down my tyres - however airing down will obviously make it easier :P

NOTE: You can gain entry to this track from the corner of The Esplanade/Savio Road, POINT TURTON. There is a marked 4wd only track, which eventually leads to the beach. It's a longer beach drive if you enjoy the beach.

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
40552 Easy as. Just watch out when cresting the dunes. Very steep off the other side at times. Jeep Cherokee Oct 27, 2013
30508 Was rather soft in the dunes this time. From the weather and wind, the exit from the rear bowl was steeper and on more of a side angle. I ended up sliding into the bushes and getting bogged. Ended up with a few nice scratches from it, but after throwing the max trax down and lowing the air in my tyres (was running full road pressure upon entry) I got out with no problems. I then continued playing with no issues. Nissan Navara Sep 29, 2012