rocky pass
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one of the harder tracks at the bil.

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22050 Hey guys I live in the local area and front page of the jimboomba times has police on there saying they are cracking down in people enterung this area and will be handung out fines. No more warnings..... just thought I would let you know. Nissan Patrol Oct 1, 2014
41612 Went out today entering from Plunkett Rd and following the trails (soooo many). Drove parallel to the power lines for a bit. Bottomed out the stock height Prado a few times. Good fun though. Most hard bits had a hard path, an easy path and some had a stupid path for the 4" lift 33" tyres SWB 4WD's. Toyota Prado Dec 28, 2013
21370 went out tonight was a mad track but took a few atemps to get back up the hill right at the back but mad it up need to spend more then a night out there lots of tracks but i realy love it good track Toyota 4Runner Aug 11, 2011
19259 Most of the larger roads have been graded but there is still pleanty of rough stuff and while a few of the mud holes have been filled in with rock there is still lots of slippery stuff. Check the North East corner for the best spots Toyota Landcruiser Jul 17, 2011
16373 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2011
16373 Toyota Landcruiser Mar 9, 2011
14762 old pine forest has become very eroded out but made way for more tractible rock underneath silt. rocky pass was not so bad, just had to pick the right line, made it up n back with no probs in a stock 80 series. Toyota Landcruiser Jan 23, 2011
14821 this track can be tricky Toyota 4Runner Sep 26, 2010