Samford State Forest - Burns Road
About the Track
Track Description

Burns Road finishes and there is a interesting track just on the left at the end of the road.  Easy but can be moderate if you take the wrong line.  Please avoid driving into private properties in the area

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
38082 Mitsubishi Pajero Nov 21, 2013
35371 Just drove these tracks today, great little spot for a quick 4wd if you don't have a lot of time, worth having a look. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 14, 2013
35371 Just drove these tracks today, great little spot for a quick 4wd if you don't have a lot of time, worth having a look. Toyota Landcruiser Aug 14, 2013
42240 It was a breeze for our Jeep wrangler 2dr. Lots of trees. Good spot to test out any recovery gear. Take of the trees and use a tree protector. Jeep Wrangler Aug 8, 2013
41770 Got told to leave by guys with guns and in camo. Up until then was having a blast. Nissan Patrol Jul 20, 2013
40284 There are two ways to get in/out when you are there. The steep way is fun but driveable with care. The way back through the forrest is pretty easy. Nice track. Nissan Patrol May 25, 2013
35606 Went through this track in the rain today, So much fun crossing the creek was a big challenge while it was flowing rapidly. only some will make it through with out damage. Also look out for stumps as they will do damage if not careful. Nissan Navara Jan 27, 2013
36448 Some nice drops and climbs. Had to raise the back to clear some departures. Good fun, will be back. LandRover Discovery Jan 4, 2013
11290 Just drove it today to test out our new Jeep JK 2012 Wrangler Sports Unlimited. Its a good little bunch of tracks to have some quiet fun, out of the way, but right next to civilisation (Samford Village). Please look after it, there arent' many around like this where you can just go for a quick test run. Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sep 25, 2012
33864 went to have a look at this track today with the wife and had some good fun a good place to practice and hone your skills Nissan Navara Sep 16, 2012
29643 went up to this track today and gave it a crack. heaps of fun but a bit tricky on some of the hill climbes and decents what with all the rain thats been around. had to watch my line on a couple but took em slow and was all good. first couple of hills were a bit chewed from the rain so made for a bit of a challenge. grazed the towbar a couple times but was a lot of fun. hitting this track up again for sure, nice and close. Holden Rodeo Jun 29, 2012
23474 Did a heap of the tracks through this little area today. Mostly easy, some parts that could be classed as moderate especially with rain. No real need for lift, though you will have height issues if you take the wrong line in spots. Overall pretty good fun for an hour or two, I found quite a number tracks that aren't above off of the main bits, though I did come up on the back of some "Parks" gates a few times, no signs or gates on my side, oh well!! Mitsubishi Pajero Jun 17, 2012
25874 Track was dry and great fun! Was my first 4x4 experience in the navara and it handled the terrain fine. The track is mostly easy with some moderate parts. Great find and close to home. Nissan Navara Feb 16, 2012
22629 Fun place to get started with some easy 4wding with some nice slopes to climb. Definately keep an eye out for stumps and your line. Definately a few spots to be rated moderate. Nissan Pathfinder Sep 24, 2011
19655 Was reasonably easy, this was my first time off road with my standard 99 Hilux and it handled it perfectly. Not sure if you need a lift kit as I was able to get through/over stuff fairly easily. Great track and nice and close to home for me. Will go again! Toyota Hilux Jun 26, 2011
14440 If you havent got a lift dont go too hard... alot of scraps n stall otherwise, this area was good fun for a day, we were there form lunch till dusk and had no real problems, watch the stumps, here and there, thats it really, enjoy the humps! Toyota Hilux Surf May 28, 2011