Scenic Rim Adventure Park formerly CityView
About the Track
Track Description

Scenic Rim Adverture Park (formerly Cityview) offers a complete range of tracks for the beginner wanting to tour the property right through to extreme for comp truck events.

The staff are very friendly and make you  very welcome.

Most of this plot is of tour tracks, with some short black runs thrown in. Great views from the high points to the back of the park. Lots of tracks available, and you could easily fill in a week if you had the time!

Track Logs
User ID Log Vehicle Date
30886 went to the new scenic rim site and camped over the weekend. some good tracks and some really tough ones. need at least a few days to really explore most of it. tracks still need abit better signage/ratings Toyota Landcruiser Sep 15, 2012
12723 Nissan Navara Aug 29, 2010
450 Mitsubishi Challenger Mar 31, 2010
6765 First time out with the boys; Frosty, Yobby Lee, Macca, Remus, Manchild and Frosty's 'wildlife'!! Had a great day and learnt alot, recovered a couple of times and only a little bit of damage to the sills and rims!! Hopefully go back again soon! Toyota Hilux Mar 29, 2010
10642 easy all the way, found some tough bits, awsome views for the pickies, had fun in the playground watching full on stuff, way too advanced for me Hyundai Tucson Aug 17, 2009
35989 Not bad for a park, some tracks were easy some needed to planning, the play pit was good for teaching the missus Toyota Hilux