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Leaving the town of Dingo Beach and heading along the track to the beach is ok. Once you hit the first incline the track becomes moderate with rocky washouts and granite boulders trying to kiss your diffs.

Its when you get to the top of the first hill (Where the track is marked to start from) that it gets serious. There is a sign at the top of the hill before a very very steep descent that reads "Stap and think about it before you head down as its a long walk to town"

Would not do this if its wet. Winch and lockers required.

Did the first part with a mate that showed me the track. He was in a Lifted Hi lux and I was in a Unlimited Turbo Diesel Sports Jeep Wrangler. No winch or lockers. Neither of us were game enough to try. If anybody does this track post up your comments and pics.

 The pic attached is a section on the way back down. Easy enough just pick your line well.



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26667 Dunno when this track closed but when i went home at xmas it was blocked off so its no longer available. we did the whole track to the beach in 91 triton Toyota Landcruiser Mar 22, 2012